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How to do a kinky curly quick weave?

If you ever thought to make your own afro curly quick weaves but you did not cheer up because you did not know how, I invite you to know how to make kinky curly quick weaves or kinky curly quick weaves in this step by step. Before starting it is good to know that this way of becoming afro curly quick weaves is not the only way to do it and that it is necessary to be patient, the process is completed correctly in weeks, months and even up to a year. It is also advisable to know that if you want you can buy on the web, different types of packs with all these elements and others that will guarantee your kinky curly quick weaves and their care completely

Step by Step:

1. The first thing you have to do is wash your hair thoroughly with the waste-free shampoo, massage it constantly and let it dry completely in the open air.

2. Once dry, separate the hair in different sections of about 2.5 cm and we are holding these sections with the hair gummies.

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3. From the back of your head takes one at a time each of the sections and after removing the rubber band for the hair that holds it, begins to perform the so-called “Backcombing”.

This consists of combing (this is where you will need the metal comb) in the opposite direction the hair section determined before, if you are doing it correctly; the hair will begin to get tangled up and join. Start from the end of the section to the scalp with no more than 2 cm and then the next to reach the root and so you will ensure that undulations do not form. When you finish with each section, put a rubber band on the end and another one on the root.

4. Once you have finished all the sections, place a small amount of wax in the palm of your hand and begin to massage each of the sections as if you were kneading, trying to give the correct form and join the whole section. Special Thanks To www my natural hair extensions .com

5. As time goes by, you can repeat the last step other times and even do it at any time, the more you do it (no longer wax) better!